Aligning Learning With Learners Guide

Welcome to the Aligning Learning With Learners Guide (ALL Guide)!


This website is a resource for health educators interested in establishing culturally-responsive classrooms and in using instruction and assessment strategies that provide all students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to choose health-promoting behaviors. The ALL Guide includes a self-assessment, information, resources, and tools to help educators enhance their health education instruction, assessment, and classroom environments to meet the diverse needs of all of their students.

RMC ALL GuideThe ALL Guide was developed in partnership with a panel of experts in culturally-responsive instruction and assessment and the differentiated instruction approach, as well as the needs of multicultural youth, students with special education needs and students living in poverty. Developers relied heavily on the research in effective practices for culturally-responsive classrooms and on the differentiated instruction approach in the process of developing the ALL Guide.

As a result of using the ALL Guide, educators will be able to:

  1. Assess the degree to which their practices address the needs of all of their students.
  2. Describe the Differentiated Instruction framework and philosophy.
  3. Apply at least three new strategies to better meet the diverse needs of their students.
  4. Reflect on how their newly acquired strategies will benefit their students.

The ALL Guide contains:

  • Information and resources on how to develop a culturally-responsive classroom and a safe and productive classroom environment.
  • Information and resources on the differentiated instruction model.
  • A self-assessment tool for health educators to assess the degree to which their current practices meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • A compendium of tools and strategies that health educators can use to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • An extensive resource list on books, articles, and websites devoted to meeting the needs of diverse students.

How to Use the ALL Guide