• Work@Health at RMC Health

    By Joanna Rybak RMC Health was awarded the opportunity to participate in the Work@Health Employer Training Program, a national initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide employers the knowledge and skills necessary to establish a comprehensive worksite health program. There ...

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  • Some To-Do’s and To-Don’ts for Your Next Farmer’s Market Visit

    By Kristin White Summertime is in full swing and it is the best time of the year for produce in Colorado. Not only do our grocery stores carry Colorado produce in the summer months, we also have an amazing farmer’s market association. The Colorado Farmer’s Market Association helps connect farmers with ...

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  • The History of The Resource Center

      Re-posted from the The Resource Center Blog Whew! It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since The Resource Center was founded in 1994. The Beatles sang about The Long And Winding Road… and it led to YOUR door. Throughout the past 20 years, our doors have changed, name and logos have changed, and ...

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  • Celebrating Accomplishments at the Healthy Schools Successful Students Coordinators Retreat

      At the Healthy Schools Successful Students Coordinators Retreat last week in Beaver Creek, CO, we honored the school districts that are wrapping up their work with us in a fun way. RMC Health staff worked with Kriss Wittmann of Wittmann Studios to design celebration banners . This was no easy feat, as we wanted the banners to be ...

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  • How to Keep Your Project From Jumping the Shark

     Photo Credit: Fair Use By Courtney Drysdale We’ve all been there when it happens… your favorite TV show has begun its decline. In pop culture, this has been given a special name, based on the moment when it happened on the show Happy Days: jumping the shark. If you watched

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  • Hiring The Right Candidate, The Reality Show

    By Sharon Murray, President RMC Health. Over the last decade, I’ve hired new staff in a variety of positions. I’ve come to the conclusion the entire process feels like competing on a reality show. Some candidates will do anything to get noticed. Others will make silly missteps ...

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  • Watch Your Language! How to Support Participant Learning with Intentional Language Choice

    By Cindy Struck Good trainers, presenters and facilitators work hard to craft solid objectives for a training or presentation. They design the training and choose activities with the intent of meeting those objectives. They also think of the learning environment, in terms of seating arrangements, workspace for participants, and to create a warm ...

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  • ♩♪♩The Music We Listen To ♪ ♬ !

    By Kristin White Listening to music while exercising is something that I have done since training for tennis in high school. I have found that it helps me keep a good pace, and sometimes I can even speed things up depending on the tempo of the music. There have been many

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  • We Love to Stay Fit!

    By Kristin White May is Global Employee Health and Fitness month! What is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, you ask? Well, this month is dedicated to health and fitness in the workplace. Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM) was created by two non-profit organizations, the National Association of Health & ...

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  • Spring Cleaning Our Finances For Peace Of Mind

    By Simin Cyrus, Accountant Now that spring is upon us and the weather is warmer, it’s time to wash some of the dirt and dust from our homes and cars. Here at RMC Health, we recently had our spring clean-up day, when we organize and scrub our building and ...

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