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Art of Presenting Evaluation Findings

There’s an art to it.

Communicating your evaluation data, that is.

We can show you how.

Program evaluation findings can be useful, but only if they are effectively communicated to program staff and other stakeholders. Both the communication format (the layout of the communication) and the communication channel (delivery mode) should align with the needs of your targeted audience, the type of information you wish to provide, and its purpose.

In this empowering training, you will learn a variety of engaging communication formats and channels and the basics of communication plan design. By planning the communication process, you increase the likelihood that your evaluation results will be used.

Training Objectives:

As a result of this one-day training, participants will be able to:

  • Implement a collaborative process for examining and synthesizing evaluation findings;
  • State the benefits of communicating about program evaluation results;
  • Identify communication strategies to share data with different targeted audiences;
  • Suggest effective communication formats and delivery modes; and
  • Design a communication plan for disseminating evaluation findings.

We can customize this training to meet your needs and timeframe. Contact Us!

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