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Training Cadre Development

So you want to build a training cadre?

We’ll share our secrets.

Learn steps for recruitment, certification, management, fees, and more.

Cadre: a small, unified group of trained individuals organized to instruct or lead others.

Developing and utilizing a community (cadre) of highly skilled trainers will enhance your ability to provide multiple training events without draining program personnel time and resources. In this session, a proven framework for effective cadre development—steps for recruitment, certification, management, and fees—will be provided.

Training Objectives:

As a result of this one-day training, participants will be able to:

  • Examine a proven framework for cadre development;
  • Identify strategies for the recruitment, certification, and management of a trainer cadre;
  • Explore best practices in trainer development;
  • Troubleshoot issues that surface when managing a cadre;
  • Identify resources for further study and application; and
  • Implement a personal plan of action to strengthen skill level in building a cadre of trainers.

We can customize this training to meet your needs and timeframe. Contact Us!

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