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Training Design

Is training design just a big puzzle to you?

We’ll show you how to solve it.

Piece together content and process to move participants toward outcomes.

This interactive, skill-building session will focus on best practices for designing professional development (PD) events that lead to a change in your participants’ professional practice. Effective training design provides the appropriate balance of content and process to move participants toward implementation. In this training, participants will explore proven models for agenda design that incorporate well-written training objectives, strategies based on best practices, and the components of adult learning theory.

Training Objectives:

As a result of this one-day training, participants will be able to:

  • Write specific, feasible, and measurable training objectives for PD events;
  • State the PD research/best practice basis for the RMC Health Critical Elements of Agenda Design—Skill-Building;
  • Implement a PD planning process that aligns training objectives with PD event content and process; and
  • Apply adult learning principles to PD design.

We can customize this training to meet your needs and timeframe. Contact Us!

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