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What Our Clients are Saying

RMC Health has been a consistent, insightful partner throughout the process of developing The Hub – an online platform that connects health and education stakeholders across Colorado with a broad array of resources. This organization has a deep commitment to children and the adults who work to advance healthy learning environments on their behalf. From technical assistance to relationship building, I can always count on the team at RMC Health to serve as brainstorming partners and provide thoughtful feedback. Their collective knowledge about youth wellness and its relation to student success is an invaluable resource!
Susan Paulsen, The Hub Manager, Colorado Education Initiative
I appreciate the format of the workshop. Overview, modeling and practice in low stress environment is key. I also love the resources provided and support to implement.
Workshop Attendee
RMC Health brought vast experiences in data collection and analysis, youth development, and facilitation to our project. Overall their project management and clear and consistent communication was integral to the success of our project.
Aubrey Hill, Executive Director, Colorado Association for School Based Health Care
This training was amazing! It motivated me and helped me understand the why behind my work! Streamlined of my effort so I won't work harder but smarter.
Workshop Attendee
RMC's support with the implementation plan was amazing, especially in terms of freeing up some of my time, but definitely in terms of coming up with a clear understanding of how we can approach school policy change. Most of all, the trainings for school staff and trusted adults AND the support for Second Chance roll out have been hugely helpful.
Workshop Attendee
It has been our pleasure to collaborate with RMC Health as fellow technical assistance providers in youth and school health. We appreciate partnering with an organization that values the student and school health data we collect and helps schools and districts across the state take action using data-driven decision-making. Our colleagues at RMC Health are thoughtful and passionate about improving health and wellness for young people and have great expertise in adult learning and skill-based professional development that we have come to rely on in this shared health field.
Colorado School of Public Health, Health Kids Colorado Survey Team
This training really provided me with good insight into the school staff audience. Since the training, I've been thinking more about the things they need to understand and need knowledge of. I really appreciate the training.
Workshop Attendee
I was initially concerned about an 8 hour training but it flew by and was packed with useful information! This is information I can put into use immediately and it will continue to guide my future work.
Workshop Attendee
I love having the teaching strategies modeled in the training. Helps school health professionals who are not teachers manage instructional practices and protocols.
Workshop Attendee

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