Gabriela Perez Second Chance Program


Gabriela Perez is the Program Manager for Second Chance and is responsible for school and community level implementation. She recruits schools, youth-serving organizations, and juvenile justice organizations to enroll young people in the tobacco prevention education program with young and provides implementation technical assistance. Gabriela also supports program evaluation by maintaining enrollment data and monitoring student completion rates.

Gabriela has worked in both the public and private sectors. She spent 9 years at the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) in various departments, including: Migrant Education, English Language Acquisition Unit, Education Technology, Adult Education and Family Literacy, and the, Exceptional Student Service Unit. Since obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Regis University in 2009, Ms. Perez has worked for various greater Denver Metro Area nonprofit organizations supporting underserved populations. Prior to joining the RMC Health team, Ms. Perez had her own consulting business and was a guest teacher with Denver Public Schools.

Gabriela is shares her knowledge, skills and talents in facilitation, interpretation, and translation as a volunteer for the Parents Against Vaping and e-cigarette (PAVe).

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