Jacque White Lead Professional Learning Facilitator

Phone: 303-867-9131

Jacque joined the RMC Health team in October of 2022. She’s a Lead Professional Learning Facilitator — a role that allows her to support professionals through increasing and sustaining their capacity to create and maintain best practices-oriented, trauma-informed and oppression-free policies, systems, milieus, organizations, outcomes and communities. 

An Honorably Discharged Army Veteran, Jacque spent her career prior to RMC engaged in service. Along with the military, her work has included but not been limited to providing reintegration supports to those who are justice-involved/returning citizens, creating sustainable community-led affordable housing programs, teaching (but mostly being taught by) elementary students in Title I public schools, managing a housing and community resource program for people living with HIV and AIDS and their families, creating Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) programming and policies, auditing organizations’ human resources and general workplace practices and policies to ensure they’re equitable, and managing an emergency shelter for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking.

The cornerstones of Jacque’s philosophy are equity and justice. She has collaborated, innovated, and led in global racial healing, anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, belonging and accessibility and like spaces since 1994, and approaches all of her work through anti-oppression and accountability-filled lenses — lenses she first uses to view and hold herself accountable.

Jacque’s professional passions are teaching/facilitating and writing. She enjoys creating collaborative learning environments whereby participants want to be accountable for applying the concepts they have learned and displaying that learning in their everyday life and work.

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