The health skill, Self-Management, helps students identify the areas in their life where they must take personal responsibility and develop the necessary health practices to maintain and improve their health. The ability to manage oneself includes accepting personal responsibility for health and utilizing practices that avoid or reduce health risks. There are two core components to mastering the skill of Self-Management. The first core component focuses on the demonstration of specific health practices, behaviors, techniques, strategies, and actions. These skills are wide-ranging across the following health areas: physical and personal wellness, emotional and social wellness, and prevention and risk management. The second core component of Self-Management focuses on taking personal responsibility for one’s own health and includes being able to identify, self-monitor, reflect, and apply health practices, behaviors, techniques, strategies, and actions in daily life. The steps in the model guide students through this process in order to encourage personal responsibility.


Grades PreK – 2

Grades 3 – 5

Grades 6 – 8

Grades 9 – 12


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